Monday, July 30, 2012

OLIMPIK : Manager's Diary Men Road Race

Malaysia qualified two riders for the Men Road Race event.
The two cyclists that had been selected to represent Malaysia:
       1 Muhamad Adiq Husainie Othman
2 Amir Mustafa Rusli 

Adiq was allotted the body number 92 and Amir 93

Malaysia had to share a TEAM CAR with Japan and South Korea.
Our team car order is number 19.

At the start we have to share the TEAM BOX with New Zealand
At Box Hill we have to share the TEAM BOX with Japan and South Korea

The team (Naim, John, Harnizam, Adiq and Amir) leaves the Games Village
at 7-45 am in two cars. Arrive at the Mall at 8-30 am and was joined by Izham and Lee Ming (to do feeding at Box Hill).

At 8-50 am,Adiq and Amir was called for the signing in ceremony.
At 9-45 am The Malaysian riders was presented and called to the start.

The race starts at 10-00 am and finished about 4-00 pm
144 riders started the race with 110 riders completing the course.
5 riders was over the time limit and 29 riders did not complete (DNF)

MuhamadAdiqHusainie Othman and Amir Mustafa Rusli rode a good race to arrive at the Box Hill in 1 hour 51 minutes and 42 seconds. At box hill there were ranked  104th and 105th.

The technically difficult Box Hill circuit did the damage to about 29 riders where out of the 9 laps around the hill circuit,  Adiq and Amir was two of the casualties. Amir managed to cover only 6 laps whilst Adiq managed 7 laps before they retired.

Overall ranking for the Men Road Race:
MuhamadAdiqHusainieOthman  -  122
Amir Mustafa Rusli-  129

source: Datuk Naim Mohd, Team Manager (Deputy President MNCF)

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