Saturday, February 28, 2015


im sure its not new for some sports practitioners, its been in one local english newspaper last year, just want to refresh it so you will know that its still a question mark where the money goes, but for sure it will be a good news for some sports lover, especially for those who always follow their development.

after about 7 years, finally its president was suspended. after doing an unnecessarily thing, shifting the association's money to an unprofitable thing, and the worst is - THE MONEY IS MISSING.

"the special committee about the missing 3.8 million has lodged police report last year. and based on investigation the president is one of the companies director. so the agm's on june has decided to suspend the president from his duty until the case resolved," the source said.

according to her at the moment the association still communicate with police and anti corruptions body to get updated about the investigation.

"the missing money has been questioned since 2008 when the committee was formed, to get back from where it goes,"

but since that committee are not doing serious job, the president still continue his job until last year, just like nothing happened in the association.

ironically, he still doing his job as the asian's president as well as international association governing board members.

"we are transforming our association to be more better, we dont know where's the money, what we want to know is whether the company can return the money or not,"she added.

"probably its not a corruption, but more likely is abuse of power,".

regarding the next agm which will be on june this year, she said the association will discuss with sports commisioner whether the president can retain his position or not.

"the cased still under investigation, its not a final decision to make any punishment, that why its only suspended from duty, not expel from association,"

when asked why take a long time to make a decision of suspension, she said maybe the new 2012 exco's have more responsibility than the previous one. because its not a personal money, it is association money, a welfare for the athletes.

its not easy to get back the confidence, especially from the sports ministry or maybe NSC, but hopefully they try their best to improve it for the benefit of their athletes.

** im sure u know the president.. dont know? you guess...

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