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the first thing in ur mind when you out for travel of course is where to sleep. when there is many choice of place and option, you will choose a better and comfortable.

but in some travelers mind is - are there a place to sleep? and whether its suits you or not.

nowadays 'the world is at your fingertips'... including to find an accommodation. just click and choose. a website like (most popular website), tripadvisor,, trivago, asiarooms etc. is where you can find place to stay and save ur time when you reach the place.

but sometimes the place is differ from internet compare to actual views, or you dont have a clear picture when you search a place through internet and when you at the real place.

This is where you have other option which is to just go and find when you reach the place or in other term - walk in. where you have better option, better view suits with you, and comfort with your style of living.

BUT, walk-in to find accommodation for me is not suitable for family especially with quite a big number of people. you will just waste time, tiring them indirectly eliminate the holiday mood.

so, bare in mind when you travel with family, just make sure u do a pre booked hotels first. whether the place is suits with you or not, its number 2. or u can try booked for 2 nights. once u reach there place you can think to continue next few days or try find other places / hotels if u want.

Walk-in hotels very suitable for backpackers or non-family travelers, or small family, or maybe when u travel by car, which you don't have to rush, can relax, go hotels by hotels, choose the cheapest rate and with the views u like or at the main attraction areas.

most of people in their minds is - is there still a room? especially when it comes peak days eg. public holidays or school holidays. don't worry, every tourist attraction area or i can say every place in the world - there must be a place to stay and no such word like 'all place fully booked'. trust me. there will be a place to sleep.. just that whether u like it or not, or whether still have a choice or just pick anything in front u.

one more thing... if u already know the place, u know the area, u know already the hotels, and u know that the hotels / resorts is people's choice, and u worried about full booked, then i suggest do a pre-booked or just booked early. this things happen to a place like family resorts where many families like to go.

in my observation:

Pre-booked advantage
- save time
- discount / offers from website
- complete package eg. tours
- complete description about hotels eg 2 stars, 3 stars or with wifi, swimming pool or not

- dont know the real place  / areas
- can't imagine hotel areas inside and outside (even its provide map)
- strict rules eg number of pax in one room
- limited hotel offers eg cheap rate with no breakfast

- many choice
- cheapest rate comparison
- can choose better area
- choose better views
- choose better hotel offers

- a bit tiring
- a bit time wasting

what ever it is, pre booked or walk in depends on where u go, whether its suitable if u do pre-booked or walk in. example if u go to langkawi island, my opinion just go and find there. there is so many hotels, resorts, homestays, guesthouse etc.. after all it is ur own country.. just think the areas u want to go and just walk in, choose which hotels u want. other example, if u go to vietnam for first time, its not ur country, u affraid of being cheated, then it is better u do a pre-booked accommodation. and u dont need to waste ur time.

and going outside ur country, will be different in each other country... it is yourself, your choice, and you choose... happy holiday and happy traveling!

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