Thursday, September 17, 2009

16th september 09 - 'malaysia' only 46 years old

46 years ago, a country was born. merge from 4 independent nations - north borneo (sabah), sarawak, singapore and malaya, forming the federation of malaysia. each nation gained its independence separately. malaya 31st august 1957, sabah six years later on the same date, sarawak on july 22, 1963 and singapore august 9 1963.

but yet, despite its historical formation, malaysia's birthday is left redundant. many grew up with misconceptions that malaysia was born when sabah and sarawak joined the country. seems that people making the wrong interpretation of the dates. in fact, there is not much stressed on the country's birthday compared to malaya's independence.

do we need to wait until its 50th birthday to recognized the dates? hhmm i wonder maybe the name 'malaysia' come from malaya + sia. sia in sabah means 'saya' or 'me'. who knows....

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