Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where To Go -Langkawi - Kuah

Kuah is the main town on Langkawi Island and is the entry point for those coming by ferry from either the mainland or Penang Island. The town is centered on its jetty, which brings in flocks of tourists each year who come to enjoy the shopping and other attractions of Langkawi. Over the years, Kuah has developed to become a modern and vibrant town with many shopping and dining opportunities, helped by the astounding growth of visitors to Langkawi.

The name ‘Kuah’ comes from the Malay word for ketchup, and legend has it that the town arose from a cup of gravy spilled on the land by two giants fighting! Kuah has a wide range of hotels but no resorts, as the town has no proper beach despite being located by the sea. Also, the nightlife in Kuah consists mostly of eating out in seafood restaurants, though there are a few bars and pubs located in some of the hotels.

Still, Kuah boasts many facilities and attractions, making it a convenient and attractive place to stay despite the lack of beach and night spots. Today, Kuah is indeed booming as a commercial center with shopping complexes, restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels and handicraft shops sprouting all over the horizon.

shop at kuah town (got many auntie's faovourite 'periuk belanga' and also chocolates)

confuse with many chocolate

many choice of chocolate

picture of kuah area in HDR

kuah jetty from dataran lang

dataran lang

big eagle-landmark of langkawi at kuah

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