Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where To Go -Langkawi - Tips n hotel

Salam... continued from first part...

for domestic tourist / malaysian tourist... the 'just nice' estimate expenses is around rm1,000 for 4 days 3 night but staying at budget hotel / motel / resort (around 4 family members) but if u bring extra RM is better.

one more thing... its advisable if u just go walk in rather than deal with agent either at kuala perlis, kuala kedah, kuah or airport because u can save more RM... for example dealing with agent at kuala perlis. for 1 night they will charge extra 10-20 ringgit. same with rent a car. they take another 5 ringgit commision per day.

if u just walk in then u will know which part of langkawi more suitable for u, which hotel / resort u like n comfort for u. dont need to worry about vacant because there's so many places to stay in langkawi.

me and my family had choose AB motel at chenang beach for our vacation this time... with rate rm100 for family room (2 queen bed) we can stay as comfort as we want. and the room also exactly on the beach facing the sea... this motel is one of the cheapest at chenang beach. located just at the centre of chenang beach. and for ur information its more than 10 times already i went to langkawi... ekekek

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